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New from Blissy: The Blissy Bonnet and Leopard Accessories
New from Blissy: The Blissy Bonnet and Leopard Accessories

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The Silk Hair Bonnet That Tames Curls and Frizz

We know that taking care of your curls can be a delicate process. That's why we've created the Blissy Bonnet to help protect your curls while you sleep.
Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, the Blissy Bonnet is gentle on your hair, protecting it from damage, split ends, and breakage as you sleep. Plus, it's super stylish and comes in an alluring leopard print that will make you feel like a movie starlet all night long.

Silk or satin bonnet? What's the difference?

If you've been shopping for a silk bonnet for a little while already, you may have seen a satin hair bonnet in addition to a silk bonnet. So which are the best hair bonnets? Satin ones or silk?

best hair bonnets

To put it simply, satin is a synthetic material and silk is a natural fiber. Silk is made from natural proteins, so our silk bonnets infuse your hair with nourishing moisture when you wear them as a sleep cap.

Satin bonnets are usually made from nylon or polyester. While they may provide some benefits to curly hair and have a more affordable price point, they do not provide the same natural nourishment as silk because they aren't made from natural materials.

If you have natural hair or a weave, you will want to make sure that your hair makes overnight contact only with the extra-smooth texture of pure 100% silk. This will ensure that your locks not only look their best int he morning, but that your weave or extensions last longer or your natural hair appears smoother and shinier when you stick with wearing your hair bonnet every night.

What are Blissy hair bonnets made from?

comfortable elastic band

Blissy uses the same quality material in our silk bonnets that we do in our silk pillowcases. That's top-of-the-line grade 6a, 22-momme, 100% mulberry silk. It doesn't get much better when it comes to silk. In fact, this type of silk is the most luxe material in the world! And for good reason.

A silk bonnet from Blissy will provide your hair with much-needed protection and nourishment while you sleep. It ensures that your hair cuticle lays flat and isn't exposed to friction as your head moves around in your sleep. And the gorgeous leopard print design will have you feeling as fashionable as Marilyn Monroe.


Other New Accessories for the Leopard Collection

The Blissy Silk Bonnet isn't the only new addition to our Leopard Collection. We've also just dropped some other fabulous new accessories that are perfect for anyone who loves the leopard print trend.

The Blissy Head Piece in Leopard

The Blissy Head Piece in leopard instantly adds mega ooh-la-la to any outfit. Wear it to pull it back bangs or hide greasy roots to keep rocking your 2nd- and 3rd-day hair. Or it can be worn with your bangs out for a cute come-hither look. Any way you wear it, it'll add major style and sexiness to your look.

crafted from the best silk


The Blissy Beauty Band in Leopard

The Beauty Band is perfect for keeping your strands out of your face while you're applying makeup or skincare products. The band is adjustable using a velcro closure that keeps it fitting comfy around your head. Whether you're practicing makeup tutorials at your vanity or soaking in the bath with a facial masque, you'll look and feel fierce in this sassy leopard print headband.

wide band for comfortable wear


The Blissy Sleep Mask in Leopard

If you love relaxing in style, you're going to love the Blissy Sleep Mask in Leopard. You haven't really tried a sleep mask until you've tried Blissy'sit's designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and relaxation! Made from a soft, breathable material, the mask is gentle on the skin and won't cause irritation or discomfort.

Not only is this Blissy Sleep Mask functional, but it's also glamorous too! Nothing says "iconic" like a spray of leopard spots across a chic accessory. The playful print adds a touch of style and flair to your sleep routine. Just make sure to pair it with a pair of cute PJ's (or an oversized old t-shirtyou do you!)

sleep mask stays comfy all night


3 Sizes of Blissy Scrunchies in Leopard

These silk leopard scrunchies are on-trend and totally swank. Perfect for everyday wear, the Blissy scrunchies (in skinny, regular, and oversized) are soft and gentle, so they won't cause any hair breakage or dents like traditional elastics.

oversized for hair with full texture

Whether you're wearing them at home or accessorizing for a night out, these scrunchies help keep hair smooth with their nourishing 100% silk material. Frizz, friction, and snags? No way, Jose! Unlike cotton or polyester fabrics, Blissy's quality mulberry silk helps your hair's natural moisture stay in your hair, keeping it healthy.

brush hair then wrap in a blissy scrunchie

Try a Blissy Skinny Scrunchie to tie a braid in place. The regular-sized scrunchie is an excellent (and stylish) substitute for an elastic band, perfect for tying your hair up for sleeping (try pairing it with one of our silk bonnets!) The oversized scrunchie is perfect for natural or curly hair, or anyone with voluminous hair as it won't fit too tight or cause dents. There's a Blissy scrunchie for every occasion!


There's Still Time to Order in Time for the Holidays

These new accessories in the Leopard Collection make perfect gifts for anyone you know with curls, for a hairstylist, or for that person who has a new hairstyle every time you see them. If you order now, you'll get them in time for the holidays. Or treat yourself to a silk hair or sleep accessory as a reward for being you. We think you're great and deserve a treat!

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