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Couples Pillowcases: Unique His and Hers' Gift Idea
Couples Pillowcases: Unique His and Hers' Gift Idea

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It can be challenging when shopping for a couple. Whether it's the holidays, a birthday, a special occasion, or a wedding, it's tough to choose a together gift that isn't ho-hum or worse—unwanted.

To help yourself find the perfect couples gift, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What gifts are appropriate to give for the occasion?
  2. What gift can I give that they each will love and really enjoy?

The first question is often easier to answer. However, the second can quickly leave you with befuddled. Here's a funny, but sadly realistic, example:

Sarah loves baking, so a KitchenAid stand mixer sounds like the perfect couple's gift. But then...you remember that Greg is on a diet and will probably be passive-aggressive toward you until next Christmas if his waistline expands any further.

No one wants to give gifts with pending negative social ramifications, or that make one partner unhappy (or indifferent).

gifts wrapped

If you came up with a few answers to the question but are still struggling to answer the second, save yourself the debate and consider a luxurious pair of 100% mulberry silk pillowcases!

His and hers pillow cases are great gifts for newly weds!

First, let's briefly address why you should give his and hers pillow cases and not separate gifts.

Why Give His and Hers Pillow Cases?

Although you could go the separate gifts route, sometimes it's more suitable (and convenient) to gift one item to the pair!

If you've been giving the same couples' gifts each year, like a bottle of wine or framed photo...it may be time for a change.

Gift Blissy his and hers pillow cases if you want to hear both members of the couple raving about how much they love your gift later on. There's no question about whether they will both adore them—husbands often end up stealing their wives' Blissy pillowcases!

The luxurious and sensual fabric is the perfect gift for couples and will even add a sophisticated touch to their bedroom décor.

Blissy uses only the highest-quality, grade 6A mulberry silk. Their 22-momme pillowcases are delicately soft.

These his and hers pillow cases will show you care about the couple's well-being. Blissy silk pillowcases naturally help regulate body temperature, as silk is cooling and moisture-wicking. These couple pillowcases will help provide your favorite couple with a comfortable, quality night's sleep—and a more relaxing bedroom space.

man sleeping on blissy with eye mask

Silk also has other amazing beauty and wellness benefits that this lucky couple will enjoy:

  • Sleeping on silk won't tangle hair or cause breakage. It also helps your hair retain moisture, which is especially important for curly or textured hair!
  • Silk is anti-aging—Blissy pillow cases help prevent new fine lines from forming.
  • Silk is hypoallergenic and great for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Blissy silk pillow cases can even help reduce nighttime and early morning allergies.

Show how well you know the couple by choosing a color and pattern they'd like best—Blissy has the largest color selections of all silk pillowcase retailers.

Quick tip: Blissy pillowcases are sold individually, so make sure that you order two of the same color. Queen is the safest choice if you're unsure what size to get.

Gifting His and Hers Pillow Cases

gold blissy silk pillowcase

Thoughtfully gifting your favorite couples a set of Blissy silk pillowcases will not only add a touch of elegance to their home but will also help improve their quality of life.

Want to up your couples gift-giving game even more? Add on a matching silk eye mask with a travel bag!

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