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Why Choose Blissy? Named by InStyle as the Best Silk Scrunchies Around
Why Choose Blissy? Named by InStyle as the Best Silk Scrunchies Around

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If you've been busy combing the internet for the best silk scrunchies, then you already know there are tons of silk scrunchie brands out there. So, how to tell which is the best?

One way is to listen to the pros. InStyle Magazine just published an article naming the 12 Best Scrunchies of 2023, with Blissy Srunchies coming in as Best Overall Srunchie. Their editorial process includes rigorous testing standards in three labs across the country. They also have a network of home testers, so they know they're recommending only the best.

What makes Blissy the best? We'll make it easy for you:

Blissy shines as your top pick for silk scrunchies, thanks to our high-quality, OEKO-TEX Certified, mulberry silk fabric. Plus, you'll love our timeless designs that never go out of style!

This article can save you hours in a stressful scrunchie research hole. Because when you wear Blissy silk scrunchies, we can guarantee you're wearing the best!

Your locks will thank you when you don our no-dent, no-crease hair ties—all without sacrificing style or luxury.

And if you're wondering why it's essential to wear silk hair ties over other fabrics, we'll get into that too. Silk is a wonderful, natural material with wellness and beauty benefits. It will take your hair and skincare game to the next level!

Why the Best Silk Scrunchies Are Blissy

real silk hair scrunchies from blissy

Choosing the right hair accessories will make your hair more fabulous than ever. Not only will you look chic while wearing Blissy Silk Scrunchies, but you'll also get glossy, frizz-free hair.

Unrivaled quality

Our silk hair scrunchies will make your hair super happy. Why? Because they're crafted from luxurious, mulberry silk fabrics of the highest quality, grade 6A.

In fact, only 1-3% of silk meets the criteria to be graded 6A, making our silk scrunchies the best on the market.

Many other brands make hair ties with inferior grades of silk fabric. This means scrunchies with uneven texture, less shine, and even rough areas. So, not only are these silk scrunchies less luxe. They also won't be as beneficial for your hair.

Plus, our pure mulberry silk scrunchies have a silk weight of 22-momme. So they are ultra-soft yet ideal for daily use.

So, how long will Blissy products last when used frequently?:

If you care for your Blissy Scrunchies properly, they'll last you up to 10 years!

And guess what? Unlike many other brands that require you to hand-wash your silk scrunchies, ours are machine washable.

Blissy cares about wellness and the environment

What also sets Blissy apart is that all our luxury silk products are non-toxic and OEKO-TEX Certified. Every component of the product has been deemed safe from harmful substances.

Blissy cares about the environment, too. Our silk scrunchies and other luxurious products are certified eco-friendly and crafted from natural silk fiber. We never use synthetic fabric like polyester which is manufactured from petroleum.

Highest quality craftsmanship

Our silk scrunchies are constructed with the utmost attention to detail. The elastic band inside is completely covered by well-stitched, pure mulberry silk fabric. It adds the perfect amount of ruffle to your hairstyle!

The Amazing Benefits of Silk Hair Ties

With all this talk of mulberry silk, let's now dig into why exactly this fabric is so wonderful.

hair scrunchies, sleep mask, and pillowcase from blissy

Here are some of the incredible beauty and wellness advantages of wearing (and sleeping on) silk:

  1. Silk is an ultra-smooth, gentle material. Your tresses won't snag, dent, or crease.
  2. Silk creates 43% less friction than cotton, so there's no pulling or tangling of hair strands. Say hello to frizz-free, glossy hair and goodbye to dull hair and breakage.
  3. If you already have split ends, silk is protective and will help stop new damage from occurring
  4. Your hair and skin will stay nourished and hydrated. Silk will not absorb your hair's natural oils, expensive skincare products, or leave-in styling/conditioning products.
  5. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and won't clog pores, making it an ideal material for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin
    • Sleeping on our silk pillowcase can also help if you suffer from nighttime or early-morning allergies
  6. Silk is anti-aging. You'll have fewer new wrinkles and fine lines when you sleep on silk.
  7. Silk naturally helps regulate body temperature. It's cooling and moisture-wicking.

The natural component that has made silk so sought-after

Sericin, one of the naturally-occurring proteins in silk, is a primary reason for the fabric's amazing qualities. The protein has many cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses. Its special properties make it anti-aging, hydrating, and wound-healing.

Don't settle for satin scrunchies

Satin scrunchies are not the same as silk scrunchies, although many sellers use the terms satin and silk interchangeably:

Silk is a fabric material, while satin only refers to the fabric's weave.

Satin scrunchies may still feel relatively smooth. But they are nowhere near as soft as our pure mulberry silk scrunchies. Not to mention they lack major beauty benefits.

Satin scrunchies are often crafted from materials subpar to silk. These usually include synthetic fabrics (like polyester and nylon).

Satin scrunchies may sell for a lower price, but it's far more worth it to spend a bit more on a high-quality silk product. Plus, purchasing the best silk scrunchies is a great way to treat yourself (or someone you love) to a luxurious gift!

Silk Scrunchie Sizes for Every Style

Blissy offers several silk-scrunchie sizes, making them super versatile.

Whether you have short or long hair, curly, wavy, or straight hair, or a thin or thick hair type—we have a perfectly sized silk scrunchie for you. Different sizes also help you achieve different hairstyle looks.

Oversized silk scrunchies

ponytail hairstyle with oversize scrunchie

Our oversized scrunchies are larger scrunchies that are fantastic for very thick hair and long hair—they have a diameter of 8.5"!

Blissy's oversized silk scrunchie is around 3.5" thick and can wrap around your hair 2-3 times. This works perfectly for buns or ponytails, making it a bold yet elegant hair accessory.

Regular-sized silk scrunchies

half ponytail with hot pink scrunchie

Our standard-sized 2" silk scrunchies are sold conveniently in a 3-pack—no more searching all over the house for a hair tie!

Made from the same luxurious mulberry silk, these hair ties will give you all the benefits of silk with plenty of styling versatility. Plus, they look chic on your wrist!

Skinny silk scrunchies

taupe hair tie three pack scrunchie

Our 0.75" thin hair ties are ideal for those with short hair and fine hair. But they're also great for tying off braids, twists, and ponytails, or pulling your hair half up.

Blissy Skinny Scrunchies are also sold in a set of 3. When they're not in your hair, you can wear them stacked on your wrist like the perfect statement piece.

9-pack of silk scrunchies

scrunchie 9-piece set

Looking for a set that includes all the best silk scrunchies?

Our stylish 9-piece set includes:

  • 2 regular silk scrunchies
  • 3 skinny scrunchies
  • 4 cute, mini skinny scrunchies, which are perfect for short hair or Bantu knots!

The Best Silk Scrunchies Come in a Rainbow of Colors

Our mulberry silk hair ties come in dozens of different colors and prints, from neutral solid colors to bright ombre shades.

The following are some of our bestselling silk scrunchie colors and collections. There's a new favorite Blissy Scrunchie out there for everyone!

And remember:

We frequently update our offerings of silk products. Keep an eye out for new designs and more by visiting the Just Added tab!

Enjoy Blissy's elegant Marble Collection

silk hair tie from blissy

Our Marble Collection includes our regular and skinny silk scrunchies, silk pillowcases, and silk sleep masks in 3 shades of luxurious marble print: Light Marble, Rose White Marble, and Rose Black Marble.

Pamper yourself by buying one of each—create your very own sophisticated, real silk collection!

Wear the sunset with bright ombre prints

silk scrunchies for every hair type

Blissy offers both regular and skinny silk scrunchies in 3 stunning ombre prints. Check them out in Purple Ombre, Orange Ombre, and Pink Ombre.

These bright and colorful blends of the sky at dusk will remind you of a beautiful sunset whenever you wear them.

Stock up on some neutrals

black, gold, and pink silk scrunchies

Our regular and skinny silk scrunchies also come in a 3-piece set that includes one Black scrunchie, one Gold scrunchie, and one Pink scrunchie.

It's a sophisticated set perfect for complementing so many different outfits!

Silk Scrunchies in Fashion

Current fashion trends say yes to completing your outfits with our best silk scrunchies.

Let's take a look at some of this year's top trends and how our stylish silk hair accessories fit right in.

Jumbo scrunchies are in

The most recent rise of oversized silk scrunchies can be attributed to inspiration from increasingly popular trends. If you haven't heard of "balletcore" and "coquettecore", you should definitely give them a Google. These styles include the wearing of ribbons and bows as statement pieces. Suuuuper cute!

Stay in style with Blissy Oversized Scrunchies. Stack 2-3 (or more if you can) of our oversized silk scrunchies in your hair to add a dramatic flair to any outfit.

Silk shirts and dresses are hot

Major fashion designers like Etro, Bevza Kosa, Frame, Christopher Esber, Saint Laurent, and more are in love with crafting tops and dresses from silk.

Pair your fresh-off-the-runway silk pieces with any of our luxe, mulberry silk hair accessories. (Blissy also offers amazing bonnets, head pieces, beauty bands, and hair ribbons) to stay on-trend.

Get ready for a summer filled with animal print

oversize leopard scrunchie

Animal print is making a comeback! According to Courtney Grant, the VP of Buying at Elyse Walker, "investing in an animal-printed silk set for summer" is a fab idea.

Complement your outfit with our Animal Print Collection, featuring Tiger and Leopard prints. This fresh collection includes our chic silk scrunchies and other hair accessories. (As well as our silk sleep masks and pillowcases).

The '90s are back

Wondering if you've stepped back in time? Well, you kind of have—everything '90s is IN right now. And, our best silk scrunchies and other luxe hair accessories fit the trend perfectly.

So much style inspo from the pre-Y2K era has come full circle. From decade-inspired scrunchies, hair scarfs, and crease-free hair ties to butterfly clips and mini-buns.

It's time to embrace your nostalgia and draw inspiration from '90s fashion icons like Gwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore!

Silk Scrunchie Hairstyles

There are so many ways to style your hair with our best silk scrunchies—have fun with it!

oversize scrunchie look

From '80s and '90s inspiration to cute and innovative styles, here are some of the top silk scrunchie hairstyle ideas for you to try:

  • A low ponytail is elegant and romantic. Fasten your hair at the nape of your neck with our ultra-soft, oversized silk scrunchie
  • Wear a high ponytail to portray confidence and emanate girl-boss energy. Try it with one of our silk skinny scrunchies.
  • Bantu knots look beautiful and bold. Plus, they're a protective style for those with natural and curly hair. Our mini silk scrunchies work best with this look.
  • Space buns are super cute and easy. They're the perfect festival hairstyle, too! Wear this style with our regular silk scrunchies.
  • Get creative—try a half-updo with mini side buns! It's a fun and unique twist on space buns.
  • Wrap your hair in a top bun for a refined, beautiful style. Use any size of our best silk scrunchies to achieve a variety of looks, from sophisticated to romantic.
  • Banded pigtails are super in right now! Try this look with our skinny or mini scrunchies.

How to Use Silk Scrunchies to Protect Hair

woman with thin hair type and bun

Our silk scrunchies will keep your hair healthy and vibrant while wearing them throughout the day. But did you also know they're a great tool for protecting hair overnight?

While you toss and turn at night, our luxe silk hair ties won't snag, tug, or break hair, allowing you to wake up with less frizz and more shine.

Pair your Blissy silk scrunchie with one of our bestselling pillowcases

To further combat bedhead and breakage, wear one of our best silk scrunchies to bed while sleeping on a luxurious Blissy Silk Pillowcase.

Using these products together will take your hair care game to the next level!

Our silk pillowcases are crafted from the same, high-quality mulberry silk. They are buttery soft, hydrating to your hair and skin, and ultra-comfortable to sleep on.

Want even more hair protection?:

Wear a glamorous Blissy Bonnet to bed!

Caring for curly hair

Taking care of curly or textured hair can be challenging—but our silk scrunchies, pillowcases, and bonnets make it so much easier!

When used together, our silk products will help your curls to be less frizzy, more bouncy, and breakage-free.

Other Silk Hair Accessories From Blissy

head piece silk headbands

Our best silk scrunchies are a game-changer for haircare. But our other real silk products will also upgrade your beauty and wellness routine.

Here's a quick refresher on our additional luxe silk hair accessories:

Your Search for the Best Silk Scrunchies Is Over

Blissy Silk Scrunchies are the best silk scrunchies for so many reasons!

They're fashionable and chic, whether you wear them on your wrist or in your hair.

They're crafted from high-quality mulberry silk fabric, which is certified non-toxic and eco-friendly.

They'll help you say goodbye to bedhead and frizz—and hello to gorgeous healthy locks!

And, they're available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, making them versatile for various looks and styles.

If you're ready to upgrade your hair game while looking on point, then don't wait to wear our highly-rated, bestselling silk scrunchies!


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