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This Summer, Wake Up to a Brighter Tomorrow with Blissy Brights

It has been declared that 'Maximalism is Back,' and we couldn’t agree more! The ultra-chic aesthetic of stainless steel and a gray-white color scheme can definitely be a welcome respite while on vacation. But as we’ve recently been forced to reckon with a long series of staycations, many have come to the realization that home should be a cozy space that represents them—and not just a pristine hotel room.

While there are some benefits to a minimalist bedroom, including a sense of calm and peace of mind, over time they can begin to appear bleak and uninspiring. Bright colors in moderation have proven to boost mood and inspire positivity, as well as a host of other psychological benefits.

Introducing Blissy Brights

Blissy is overjoyed to bring our brand-new Summer 2021 collection: Blissy Brights. Available now in pillowcases, sleep masks, and oversized, standard, and skinny scrunchies.

peace hand sign towards the sky featuring Blissy Brights mulberry silk scrunchies stacked Blissy Brights boxes

Joining the Blissy lineup areeeee...

Bahama Blue

woman smiling while wearing Blissy Brights Bahama Blue Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

Enter a tropical paradise and take the dive with ‘Bahama Blue’ into crystal clear waters. The cooling balance that instantly refreshes and delights the senses.

That’s the wonder of temperature control that comes from our 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. Sweat and oil are repelled, keeping you dry as you drift into sleep.

And with tones that calm and renew, you’ll awake invigorated.


woman sleeping on Blissy Brights Hibiscus Mulberry Silk Pillowcase with matching sleep mask

Experience the passion of sweet blossom that invites intense feelings of exuberance. Blissy in ‘Hibiscus’ to liven your spirits and promote pleasantly enriched sleep.

Its bold warmth evokes a richly unconventional femininity. Of a lively sort of beauty that reminds you to greet the day with confidence after profound beauty sleep.


woman smiling while hugging Blissy Brights Orchid Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

A testament to wealth and prosperity, spruce up your ordinary nightly routine with a splash of opulence. Enter the enduring enchantment of ‘Orchid’.

An enduring symbol of luxury and opulence that dazzles the normal rise-and-shine!

Sunshine Yellow

back view of woman wearing Blissy Brights Sunshine Yellow Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

Celebrate sunny days ahead, with ‘Sunshine Yellow’. Invite positivity into your well-rested mornings and bring smiles wherever you go.

You'll experience the joy of a new day with bold optimism that will power you through until your next Blissy-filled slumber.

Why Did We Develop Blissy Brights?

Not only did we want to promote better, more well-rested mornings, but we wanted to acknowledge how much this past year took a toll on your emotional and mental well-being. We’re in the business of sharing optimism.

In light of sunny days ahead, we set our horizons on the not-so-distant future, when travel (fingers crossed) will be possible again. And so we channeled the island getaway of our dreams.

Here’s to hoping that we re-emerge Summer 2021 with a new lease on all things bold. Our homes are often one of the only spaces that are devoted just to us; and our bedroom is the space that is curated to our own ultimate relaxation. Whatever your style, it’s time that we incorporate more of what feels good, looks nice, and will make home actually feel like one: personal, a little bit cluttered, colorful, and fun.

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