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The Ultimate Girlfriends Trip Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Besties
The Ultimate Girlfriends Trip Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Besties

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Key takeaways:

  • Give thoughtful gifts to celebrate and strengthen long-distance friendships.

  • Curate personalized self-care gifts for your best friends based.

  • Gift luxurious silk items like pillowcases and sleep masks to pamper friends.

  • Include kid-friendly silk pillowcases for momfriends attending the girls' trip.


Our friends near and far mean a lot to us and deserve pampering. A girls' weekend or full-blown girl's trip is a great way to reunite with old-school friends, cousins, and other friends who have moved away. It's also a great way to bond with your in-town friends that you see every weekend for mimosas.

No matter who you're traveling with, we all know we'd be lost without our best friends. This trip may mark a special event like a birthday, graduation, or "just because".

Either way, it's a great way to show your friends you care with long-distance best friend gifts. Here are some gift ideas to commemorate and share your girl's trip.

Why Give Girl's Trip Gifts? 

Make your BFFs feel extra special

Even if we haven't seen them in a while, our long-distance friends deserve to be celebrated. True friends do not know distance.

besties hugging on the beach

With more people working from home and schedules getting busier, many of us have grown to depend on our long-distance best friends through video calls and texting. Now it's time to finally see each other IRL!

A thoughtful gift warms the heart

Long-distance friendship gifts will tell your girls you care and are there for them. Self-care-themed gifts are an extra special way to say "I love you, girl!" Honor your long-distance friendships with presents for your best friends' wellbeing.

Long-distance friendship gifts spark happiness

Your long-distance relationship with your old bud is heartfelt and meaningful. She brings light into your life and answers all your phone calls, after all! So make sure that the gifts you share are the same way.

women at the ocean

Don't just fill a box with random stuff in different colors that your friend may or may not use. Create a memorable gift that will remind your friend of how special she is to you.

Pamper your long-distance best friend, even if you're not meeting up

Even if a girl's trip isn't in the cards this year, a surprise package in the mail can brighten up your friend's day.

Add a sweet greeting card for a personal touch along with some luxurious self-care essentials. Remind your friend of your special connection!

bestie greeting card

She is like a sister to you, so make sure to say "I know you best!" by including items in her favorite color.

Gift-Giving Ideas and Tips

Slumber party care package for long-distance friends

Ready to create new adventures? Invite your long-distance friend for the ultimate girl's getaway. Then set the tone with a nostalgic slumber party gift box.

Remember, details matter—the best gifts should be curated to suit your friend's vibe. What are her favorite colors and how does she decorate her living space?

woman on vaykay

Don't forget these details—receiving something personal is always a great idea, like a warm hug.

Customization makes everything delightful

One friend might like a fun and bold color such as Sunshine Yellow. Another may prefer a more subtle shade like Champagne to enhance her décor.

If you're giving gift sets to each friend on your girl's trip, choose gifts in a different color for each friend. This will avoid arguments later when sleep masks get mixed up!

5 Girls' Trip Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Besties

Gift Idea #1: Say "Sleep tight, bestie!" with the Blissy Silk Pillowcase

black silk pillowcase girls trip gifts

The first gift idea is for an item that nurtures your best friend's skin and hair. (She's going to need it after your girls' trip!) Treat your best girls to the luxurious experience of a Blissy Silk Pillowcase. It's the perfect way to say, "Get some much-needed rest!

These ultra-luxe pillowcases come in three sizes: standard, queen, and king. They also come in a huge variety of colors and prints, so you'll definitely find your friend's favorite.


Gift Idea #2: Ensconce your girlfriends in the Blissy Classic Robe

woman in pink silk robe


Make your best friend feel extra special on your girls' trip by treating her to something luxurious. The second thing on your gift list is a Blissy Classic Silk Robe.

These top-quality robes are perfect for hotel room makeovers as you prep to explore. Or they're great to lounge in for a DIY spa day indoors. You won't believe your bestie's face when she unwraps such a fabulous garment. Don't forget to take reaction photos!


Gift Idea #3: Make travel a breeze with the Blissy Sleep Mask

woman wearing purple sleep mask

Do your long-distance friends need to travel by plane to see you? If so, it's thoughtful to throw in a gift to ensure she is comfortable as she travels.

Using a Blissy Sleep Mask will save your friend's face from wrinkles and creases as she is resting on the plane and in your hotel. A sleep mask will help your friend fall asleep faster and improve her sleep quality. Now who's a true bestie? You are!


Gift Idea #4: Care for their hair with Blissy Silk Scrunchies

scrunchies are the perfect products for girls' trip gifts

Having beautiful hair is a must and your favorite girls will love to wear these products with our next suggestion. Gift your long-distance friends Blissy's Silk Scrunchies which come in three sizes: standard, skinny, and oversized.

Blissy scrunchies have tons of benefits of hair, and these beautiful 3-packs make great gifts!

These gorgeous scrunchies come in tons of hues to suit any hair color or texture. We're sure that your friend will love experimenting with them all. Can you say cute?

Gift Idea #5: Give your momfriend Blissy Junior Silk Pillowcases

boy with Night Sky silk pillowcase


Gone are the days when we got together with our girls for a champagne party on the fly. Now you or your best girls may have kids, so it's more difficult to plan visits. That's what makes this girls' trip all the more important!

So, our last long-distance girls' trip gift idea is a unique one for your best friend's kids. Include a cute pillowcase from our Blissy Junior Collection. It's a great way to strengthen your long-distance relationships with your momfriends.

The Blissy Junior collection is the cutest

The Blissy Junior Collection includes pillows in three sizes: toddler, youth, and junior standard. This makes gifting your momfriends easy since there's a pillowcase for kids of any age.

Blissy Junior pillowcases also come in fun patterns and solid shades. You'll find just the perfect thing!


Here, Far, Wherever They Are

It doesn't matter whether your best friend lives next door, across the country, or even in Antarctica. Receiving lovely, thoughtful long-distance best friend gifts will warm her heart. Your besties will absolutely adore these girls' trip gift ideas. Soon, you and your besties will be reunited, making memories for the bestie book. Cheers!

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