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The Blissy Experience: A Deeper Dive With Celebrity Hairstylist Marco Pelusi
The Blissy Experience: A Deeper Dive With Celebrity Hairstylist Marco Pelusi

In episode 5 of The Blissy Experience podcast, we were thrilled to host Marco Pelusi, a celebrity hairstylist renowned for his transformative beauty insights. If you haven’t listened yet, prepare for a wealth of knowledge from one of Beverly Hill’s finest.

Now, Marco joins us again, generously offering additional wisdom in this exclusive blog post. Beyond the podcast, he dives into his career—sharing tips and tales from the glamorous world of celebrity hairstyling. This a must-read for anyone intrigued by the art of hair care! You’ll gain a deeper understanding of Marco's approach to trends, product innovation, and unforgettable experiences with star clients.

For a deeper dive into Marco Pelusi's world of hairstyling and to gather invaluable tips for your own hair care routine, follow him on Instagram @marcopelusi, on TikTok @marcopelusiwesthollywood, and visit marcopelusi.com for his professional hair care line. Now, let’s dive in! 

merco pelusi hair studio inc

Q: In your experience, what has been the most significant change or trend in hairstyling over the past decade?

Marco: Probably smoothing treatments—hair treatments that smooth out the hair and add shine and gloss.  This has been a huge trend and has developed into something that many women crave.

Q: Can you share a particularly memorable experience from working with a celebrity client? You don’t have to name names :) 

Marco: Going backstage at a very famous singer’s performance when she asked my opinion on what songs she should or should not keep in her show!

Q: How do you approach the process of developing new products, and what inspires your creations?

Marco: I base it on the needs of the clients—what the hair needs.  I did my leave-in conditioner to reflect the need of protecting the hair while blow drying—check out marcopelusi.com.

marco doing hair

Q: What role do you think hair care and styling play in overall wellness and self-care routines?

Marco: BIG BIG role.  The moment we do our hair, the better we feel.  We can get a massage and feel great, but if the hair looks bad, we still feel bad.  The moment we style our hair, no matter how our body feels, we look and feel better.

Q: How do you see the future of hair care and styling evolving, especially with advancements in technology and social media?

Marco: Perhaps AI will allow clients the opportunity to see how they may look wearing different cuts and colors—I think this will be very interesting as time moves on.

marco pelusi teaching at a conference

Q: Finally, what's one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting in their hair care journey, especially regarding maintaining healthy hair?

Marco: Conditioner.  Long bouts of time with conditioner.  Most of us over-process our hair.  So the more conditioner and the longer we leave it on our hair, the better off we are!

Elevate Your Hair Care Journey

A heartfelt thank you to Marco for sharing his unparalleled expertise and captivating stories from the world of celebrity hairstyling. Marco's insights remind us of the profound impact that thoughtful hair care and styling can have on our overall well-being and confidence. His advice is sure to inspire and guide those looking to enhance their hair care routine.

Stay connected! Subscribe to us on YouTube @BlissyBrand and tune into The Blissy Experience on your favorite podcast platform for more exclusive content on beauty, wellness, and beyond.

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