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The Best Birthday Presents for Mom at Any Age
The Best Birthday Presents for Mom at Any Age

Why Your Mom Will Love Blissy

Blissy is a luxury lifestyle brand that knows what moms need and want. We sell many wonderful 100% mulberry silk sleep and beauty essentials. But our signature product, the Blissy Silk Pillowcase, is immensely popular with over 70,000 5-star reviews from verified users!

Why is our pillowcase so popular? Here are a few reasons moms can't get enough of our pillowcases.

Beauty and anti-aging benefits

Moms are always looking for something to prevent lines and wrinkles because, without warning, they tend just to show up.

Mom's beautiful the way she is, but she'll appreciate the anti-aging and hydrating goodness of our 100% silk products. Say "I love you" by making your mom feel 10 years younger!

giving mom a hug

Improved sleep and comfort

So much of our sleep gets interrupted by overheating. Blissy's silk pillowcases go a long way to helping mom catch those much-needed zzzs.

Our cooling 100% mulberry silk helps mom regulate body temperature and cool her off when it counts. She gets the rest she needs and you score points for favorite!

Adds a touch of elegance to mom's nightly routine

Who doesn't enjoy a lavish gift made of nothing but silk? Make mom feel like the queen she is by gifting her something fit for royalty. A Blissy robe or pillowcase will make her feel extra special each night and she'll have you to thank!

Beautifully made and comes in her favorite color

The color options are insane. From Tie-Dye to an entire Blissy Rose Gold Collection, Blissy comes in an array of fun flavors. Your mom's favorite color will be easy to find! 

Blissy has over 3 dozen colors and patterns to choose from. You may want to check out our newest pattern collection, the Striped Collection. Moms love it!  

The Best Birthday Presents for Mom at Any Age

1. Marilyn Monroe™ Sleep Mask 

marilyn monroe silk sleep mask

Blissy's entire Marilyn Monroe Collection is a meaningful gift for any mom. The pure silk sleep mask offers your mom that cooling effect while she sleeps like a movie star.

The Marilyn Monroe sleep mask makes a nightly routine more glamorous. And if she's fond of traveling, the silk carrying case makes toting the Blissy Marilyn Monroe Sleep Mask from place to place far easier.

2. Blissy Classic Robe in White

white silk robe

A Blissy Classic Robe is a great gift your mother won't return or hang in the back of the closet next to her wedding dress from 19...something.

Unsure of mom's size these days or worried a garment ordered online won't fit? Blissy makes picking the right size easy because the Classic Robe is one-size-fits-all (XS-L).

The dense 32-momme silk regulates body temp and is never see-through. It makes a unique gift for a mom who loves wine or green smoothie while watching true crime or taking a much needed break around the house. It's also perfect to slip into after bubble baths with bath bombs...and pretty much after every shower!

How should mom wash a Blissy 100% mulberry silk robe?

Doublecheck the laundry pile to ensure you aren't washing your Blissy silk gift with rougher fabrics. Washing with other delicates is okay.

  1. Throw your silk beauty products in the Blissy Mesh Laundry Bags and put it in the wash.
  2. Use delicate clothing detergent (Blissy Wash) and set your washing machine to the delicate cycle.
  3. After the wash, get your Blissy product out and let it air dry. Lay them flat on a clean towel or hang them up.

3. Blissy Oversized Scrunchie in Tie-Dye

Does your mom act a little extra? The Tie-Dye Oversized Scrunchie will let your super cool mom express her big personality with a little funkiness. It is also pure comfort for her hair!

This super fun hair accessory gift for mom is a no frizz, no tugging, no damage solution. The Tie-Dye Scrunchie will make your mom think of you with a smile every time she uses it.

4. Silk Pillowcase in Rose Gold (Queen Size)

pillowcase in rose gold

Do you always check thread count before buying bedding? Blissy makes it easy. Blissy Rose Gold Pillowcases are made of high-quality 22-momme 100% pure mulberry silk, providing skin and hair benefits she won't be able to live without once she discovers them!

Blissy pillowcases make perfect birthday gifts for mom, whether she's 30 or 90.

Buy her two pillowcases because two are always better than one when it comes to the best gifts for mom.

5. Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mist (Lavender & Eucalyptus)

blissy pillow mist

Blissy's Sleep & Pillow Mist combines 100% natural vender and eucalyptus essential oil to create a solution to your mom's sleep troubles.

For pure relaxation, all she has to do is spray it in the air before lying down and taking a few deep breaths. You can even make your mother-in-law smile on her birthday with this must-have gift.

How does lavender affect sleep?

Studies show that when you inhale lavender, it increases your REM deep sleep. Women specifically see increases in REM sleep, which makes it easier to carry on with a busy day.

Lavender has soothing qualities and works as an anxiety reliever that increases calm and relaxation. This leads to sound sleep, making it one gift mom (or any family member) is bound to love.

6. Blissy Scrunchie Set in Black, Gold, and Pink

silk scrunchie set

The particular combination of Blissy Scrunchies is elegant, and your mother can wear them out to dinner. Or while indulging her sweet tooth at the fro-yo parlor.

If your mom's color tastes run a little brighter--no worries, you have 22 colors to choose from.

You will want to steal one for yourself, but you must resist the urge! It's a birthday gift for the mom who loves you.

7. Blissy Head Piece in Pink

silk pink head piece

Not every headband is made equal. If your mom uses anything other than silk, she may be damaging her hair.

The Blissy Head Piece is made from the finest 100% mulberry silk and comes in multiple colors she'll love.

The Blissy Head Piece will make you her favorite child. Your mom will be proud to wear it out or just while running errands. She'll probably even wear it when practicing her green thumb in the garden.

8. Blissy Dream Set in Champagne (King Size)champagne dream set blissy


Really show your sentimental mom that you want to celebrate her birthday with a Blissy Dream Set.

The birthday gift set contains one king-sized pillowcase, a sleep mask, one scrunchie, and a cute skinny scrunchie. Give your mom a spa-worthy experience!

Each Blissy product is handmade and crafted from high-quality 22-momme 100% pure mulberry silk which helps mom get blissful sleep.

Blissy is Best for Beautiful Birthday Gifts for Moms

If you want to be the son or daughter that shows mom you did some thoughtful shopping instead of just sending flowers, get her one of the products featured here!

How can you beat better hair, better skin, and a better night's sleep?

taking selfie with mom

You can ignore gift guides that tell you to get the latest doodad featured on shark tank or a boring old pajama set. Your mom wants luxury and she wants it in the form of 100% mulberry silk! You can even think about having mom's initials embroidered to add a personal touch.

Blissy makes a thoughtful gift for mom and offers the best birthday gift ideas and mother's day presents for moms of any age.

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