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Pillow Cases with Zippers: Top 10 Choices for a Cozy Night!
Pillow Cases with Zippers: Top 10 Choices for a Cozy Night!

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Key takeaways:

  • Zippered pillowcases keep your pillow protected and in place as you sleep.

  • Zipper closures are superior to envelope closures for adult pillowcases.

  • Blissy offers stylish, high-quality silk pillowcases with hidden zippers in many colors.

  • Zippered pillowcases like those from Blissy provide benefits like allergen protection and longevity.

The Case for a Zippered Pillow Case

Looking to enhance your pillow's functionality? A zippered pillowcase offers convenient benefits you won't find in a standard case. When you sleep on a zippered pillow case, they're less likely to slide around--or off—as you slumber. Because it holds your pillow in place, they're also less likely to become misshapen during the night.

The zipper also keeps the pillowcase closed, protecting your pillow from pet dander, dust, and other allergens that can irritate your airways, making it harder to breathe easy and get a good night's sleep.

That's a pretty great argument for zipping pillowcases!

bronze zippered pillow cover

Zipped vs Envelope Closure Pillow Covers

For adult pillows, a zip closure pillowcase is superior to an envelope close. This is because it allows you to enjoy both sides of your pillows equally without any weird flaps in the way. A zippered pillow cover is a wonderful thing to have for your bedding at home.

Blissy's Hidden Zipper Silk Pillowcases

One of the fabulous features of a Blissy pillowcase is that it features a hidden zipper. This helps emphasize the simple beauty, style, and double-sided comfort of your Blissy silk pillowcase.

Blissy Silk Pillowcases come in 50 different colors (and counting), so no matter your aesthetic, there's a pillowcase you're going to love! Blissy's silk pillowcases are also super gentle on hair and skin, which is a huge plus. They have other accessories to match your zippered pillow case like sleep masks, scrunchies, and robes.

Further reading:

Blissy's Top 10 Zippered Pillowcases

Are you ready to upgrade your sleep experience while protecting your pillow insert with a silk pillowcase that zips? Search no further than these 10 luxurious options from Blissy.

Each of the following pillowcases with zippers are made from 22-momme mulberry silk that's softer than soft. They're available in standard, queen, and king sizes.

1. White

Of course, we have to start with classic White! A white pillowcase looks sleek and pristine, especially when it's made from silk! White is neutral enough to match any color scheme without clashing. Love the look? Try Blissy's matching robe to complete the set!

white zippered pillow case for your bed

2. Black

Have a dark side? Black is a great alternative as a neutral because it goes with everything. A black silk pillowcase is a certain way to add some mood to your room.

white zippered pillow case for your bed

3. Marylin Monroe

This design is stylish enough for the actress herself and exclusive to Blissy. Deep crimson piping borders this white pillowcase, elevating it from mere linen to fashion. Marilyn's signature kiss is embroidered in the corner to finish off the details of the design.

Marilyn Monroe collection silk pillowcase

In an especially clever way to use one of the starlet's own metaphors, Marylin's quote, "I'm dreaming the hardest" is printed on the matching premium silk sleep mask. This set truly makes a great gift!

4. Night Sky

Slip into dreamland with this Blissy pillowcase in Night Sky. Its midnight blue hue and twinkling star print inspires sweet slumber under the moon and stars. Silky soft and regally rich, this jewel-toned case makes every night a royal retreat.

night sky zippered pillow case for your bed

5. Pink Tie-Dye

Fun, flirty, and feminine—Pink Tie-Dye is one of our newest pillowcases that zip. Every order review of this bright pink tie-dye pillowcase on Blissy's site has received 5-star ratings. Now, that's customer satisfaction!

pink tie-dye zippered pillow cover

6. Rose Marble Black

The sleek rose marbling on the black silky background of this pillowcase is the epitome of luxury. It looks amazing whether you want to add just a pop of rose to your black bedding or contrast your pink linens with the bold black print. Don't forget to pick up the matching sleep mask or scrunchie set accessories!

rose marble black zipper pillow case

7. Silver

Are you looking for a pillowcase that can complement your room with a variety of aesthetics that isn't as stark as black or white? There's something about silver that's just a little more interesting. Yet, you can still pair it with plenty of complementary colors. Long live silver!

silver silk pillowcase with zipper

8. Pink

Add a hint of blush to your bedroom with this light pink pillow cover made from super soft mulberry silk. The subtle hue will complement your bedroom without overpowering it. This is a color that you'll never grow out of. But if you ever want to switch things up, Blissy makes pillow cases with zippers in more than 4 dozen other colors.

pink silk blissy pillowcase with zipper

9. Tie-Dye

Made from the same premium silk as Blissy's other pillowcases, Tie-Dye adds a pop of color to your bedroom. Soft pink, blue, lavender, and white swirl to create a feminine effect that's reminiscent of a soft sunset. When your head hits the pillow, you'll feel like you're sleeping on clouds. Plus, you can purchase Blissy's Tie-Dye Dream Set, which includes everything you need for a snoozing good time!

tie-dye pillowcase

10. Aqua

We couldn't help but include multiple blue pillowcases because Blissy has so many wonderful shades! The aqua is a medium blue that's as calming as it is beautiful. It's like the color of island ocean waters. Try pairing these silky pillowcases with matte linens in a matching shade for a chic effect.

aqua silk pillowcase zippering

Buy Your Own Zipper Pillow Case Today

Found the zippered pillowcase of your dream? Zipper silk pillow covers with all their benefits must be calling to you by now! Add your new pillow protectors with zippers to your cart and check out. Don't forget you can select same-day shipping if you're really impatient to try your new Blissy zippered pillow case!

Pillow Cases with Zippers: Top 10 Choices for a Cozy Night!What makes for the perfect pillow cover? The sign of a nice, quality pillowcase is a zippered closure. Silk fabric is another hallmark of a quality pillowcase. Learn why you should make the change to silk zipper pillow cases. 

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