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Is Silk Hot in Summer? Discover the Comfort of Blissy's Summer Collection
Is Silk Hot in Summer? Discover the Comfort of Blissy's Summer Collection


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Introducing Blissy's Summer Collection: A Tribute to the Joys of Summer

This summer, step back in time and revel in the pure joy of summer's simple pleasures with Blissy's 2023 Summer Collection.

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of sun-drenched days. Sip on mint lemonade with the tantalizing tang of citrus bursting on your tongue. Relish the sweet delight of a cinnamon-sprinkled churro savored amidst the vibrant chaos of the county fair. Enjoy shared laughter around a campfire with friends, creating memories until dawn.

Our Summer Collection is a vibrant tribute to the palette of the season. It draws inspiration from refreshing Mint, the rich warmth of Cinnamon, and the soft glow of Sunrise. These colors, each unique and radiant, capture the essence of summer.

It's an invitation to reconnect with the lively energy of your youthful roots. When every moment was ripe with adventure and every experience held the promise of a new discovery!

We have woven vivid summer memories into the very fabric of our collection. And each piece of Blissy silk is designed to keep you cool and stylish as you create your own unforgettable summer moments this season. Embrace the season with Blissy's Summer Collection.

This is your passport to a summer filled with joy, comfort, and chic sophistication.

The Silk Myth: Is Silk Hot in Summer?

is silk breathable? yes! blissy in "sunrise"

There are lots of myths when it comes to wearing silk in the summer. The luxurious fabric, known for its smooth texture, often gets overlooked as a summer wardrobe choice. This is due to a common misconception: Is silk hot in summer?

The simple answer is "no". Silk is a breathable fabric that can help regulate body temperature, keeping you cool when the mercury rises. But how does it do it?

The Science of Breathable Fabrics: Why Silk Makes the Cut

blissy silk will never make you sweat

The secret lies in the unique properties of this natural fiber. Silk, particularly high-quality types such as mulberry silk, has natural thermal insulating properties, according to the Sleep Foundation. 

This means it can adjust to your body temperature, providing a cooling sensation in hot weather and warmth in cooler conditions. This is in contrast to other fabrics, such as cotton.

While breathable, cotton does not offer the same adaptability to changing temperatures.

Say Goodbye to Sweat Stains: The Magic of Silk in Summer

silk helps keep you cool

Wearing silk, whether it be a lightweight silk blouse or a pair of silk shorts, can actually help to reduce sweat stains. Unlike other summer fabrics, silk helps to absorb and release sweat quickly.

This allows the fabric to breathe and helps you stay cool and dry. Its moisture-wicking properties draw sweat away from your skin to the outer surface of the fabric. It then evaporates, reducing the unsightly damp patches that can form in hot weather.

Silk's low absorbency means that it doesn't become saturated with sweat like other fabrics. Silk pillowcases can give you much more comfortable sleep during those long summer nights. This is due to their ability to keep you cool and dry.

Embrace Summer Comfort: The Hypoallergenic Benefits of Silk

silk made by mulberry silkworms in "sunrise"

Silk is more than just a great fabric for summer clothing. It's a versatile material with benefits that extend beyond style.

Its natural silk protein structure is hypoallergenic. This makes it a good choice for those with sensitive skin or specific skin conditions.

These benefits aren't limited to pillowcases. Silk accessories like Blissy Head Pieces can add a touch of cool elegance to your summer style.

Styling Your Summer with Blissy's Collection

Indulge in the Glow of "Cinnamon"

silk in a darker shade "cinnamon"

In the heart of summer as the heat peaks, nothing evokes the season's essence like our Blissy Pillowcase in Cinnamon.

Picture the indulgent glow of silky Cinnamon. Reminiscent of a dusting on a peach cobbler or a satisfying crunch of a churro.

This color will cool your skin as you sleep on a warm night. This hue captures the richness of summer while offering all the breathable comfort of the finest silk fabrics.

Silk, a natural fiber, is a remarkable fabric for hot weather. Cotton can saturate and make you sweat. Yet silk's natural protein structure helps absorb moisture and discharge sweat, keeping you cool and reducing night sweats.

We selected our 22-momme silk for its breathability and moisture-absorbing qualities. It's an ideal choice for those balmy summer days. 

Stay Cool with Crisp "Mint"

woman embracing the popular fabric known as silk

Are you feeling the heat of summer? Let our crisp Blissy Silk Pillowcase in Mint transport you to a place of cool relaxation.

Our luxurious mulberry silk is prized for its delicate silk fibers. This fabric is the ultimate in breathable fabrics. Sleeping on it will ensure no sweating on hot summer nights.

Plus, its lovely color brings to mind the taste of mint chip ice cream and refreshing mint garnish in a fruit salad.

Our lightweight silk is not just aesthetically pleasing, it's also highly functional. Its absorbent properties and natural fibers ensure that it breathes and absorbs moisture.

This keeps you and your pillow cool and your sleep comfortable, even in humid weather. The natural thermal insulation of silk fiber also helps regulate body temperature. This means no overheating at night.

So why make do with cotton when you can sleep on silk even in your dreams? Let our Mint silk pillowcase transform your summer nights into a blissful escape.

Experience Dawn with Vibrant "Sunrise"

is silk cooler than cotton? yes!

Experience the allure of summer dawn with our vibrant Blissy Silk Pillowcase in Sunrise. Our mulberry silk is the most breathable fabric and a natural thermal insulator. It offers you a smooth and cool surface to rest your head, even on hot weather nights.

Like the magic of daybreak after sleeping under the stars, this silk pillowcase will provide you with the comfort you need for a blissful sleep. The moisture-wicking capacity of our silk fabric ensures it breathes. This helps to keep your skin dry and prevent any discomfort that could disrupt your sleep.

As enchanting as the first rays of dawn peaking over the horizon, the energizing Sunrise hue of our silk pillowcase reflects the promise of a new day. A natural protein fiber, our silk offers superior durability and a smooth finish. So your bed will always look inviting and fresh!

The luxurious softness of Blissy silk not only feels great. It also helps maintain healthy skin and hair. Experience the joy of summer morning freshness every night with the Sunrise silk pillowcase from Blissy.

Customer Reviews on Blissy's Summer Collection

silk for hot weather

Our dedicated customers have nothing but praise for the Blissy summer collection. Robert E., a verified Blissy buyer, has discovered the rejuvenating properties of a good night's sleep on our silk pillowcases. The breathable, lightweight fabric allows for optimal airflow.

So Blissy pillowcases are essential for hot weather. He remarks that the Blissy silk pillowcase "really helps me get a good night's sleep." That's the power of mulberry silk: a natural fiber that regulates body temperature and absorbs moisture. You'll sleep feeling cool and peaceful all summer long.

Another verified customer, Danielle L., has discovered that the luxury of silk isn't just about its cool, smooth surface. It's also about the comfort and quality of rest it provides. She shares, "The fabric is smooth and cool; very comfortable to sleep on. I highly recommend spending a little extra for a quality pillowcase."

Like Danielle, many of our customers are discovering the silk difference. They experience the coolness and breathability that silk offers, even on the hottest summer nights. The superior quality of our fabric offers a sleep experience that rivals even the most popular fabrics, like cotton. Experience the difference with Blissy's Summer Collection today.

"It really helps me get a good night's sleep."

-Robert E., verified Blissy customer 

Experience the Silk Revolution with Blissy's Summer Collection

Embrace the comfort and elegance of silk this summer with Blissy's Summer Collection. Our blend of high-quality mulberry silk, beautiful designs, and vibrant colors promises an unparalleled sleeping experience. With its superior breathability and moisture-absorbing properties, silk will keep you cool and comfortable even during the hottest nights. Don't just wear silk—live it.

Make the most of this summer with Blissy. Shop our Summer Collection today and experience the revolutionary comfort of silk for yourself.


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