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Introducing: Our Fall Collection for Everyday Royalty
The long summer days are trailing behind us as we turn to embrace Fall. If you aren’t an autumnal fanatic yourself, you probably know one. You know—that person who goes crazy for sweater weather, Fall foliage, and everything pumpkin spice?

For others, Fall is a bittersweet sign that summer has ended and it’s time to hunker down until the sun comes out again.

Wherever you fall on the Fall-lover spectrum, you’re most likely spending more time indoors this year than usual. Even as we return to our normal activities, many of us have made lifestyle changes that have us spending more time at home now.

And spending more time at home comes with its own set of challenges. That’s why the comfort and aesthetic beauty of our homes are more important than ever.

Whatever challenges you are going through, we want to help make your home the most inviting place it can be.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our new Fall Collection!

We designed our Fall Collection with one idea in mind. That you deserve to sleep on the finest mulberry silk pillowcase in colors fit for queens and kings.

Blissy Fall Collection Quote

That’s why our Fall Collection celebrates all that is royal, noble, and majestic with 4 new sparkling hues.

The Colors This Season Are (Drum Roll):

Blissy Fall Collection Swatches

Our washable silk pillowcases (king/queen/standard), silk sleep masks, and silk scrunchies are all available in these new colors!

These rich jewel tones represent all that is prosperous and refined. Here are some of the associations these colors are known for. Which color resonates with you most?

Blissy Fall Collection Color Meanings

All the Blissy Fall Collection colors are so totally gorgeous and it’s hard to decide—so we came up with 4 methods of choosing your Blissy color. You can answer these for yourself or for whoever will be the recipient of a beautiful Blissy gift.

How To Choose Your Blissy Color for Fall

  • The Interior Decorator Method: Which color goes best with the rest of my decor?
  • The Favorite Color Method: Which color is most pleasing to my eye?
  • The Personality Method: Which qualities from the chart above do you identify with most?
  • The Aspirations Method: Which qualities above do you want to invite into your life?

Whichever colors you choose, we just ask that you make one promise to yourself this season: to prioritize sleep in your life!

With the pressures of work and home, sometimes getting a full night’s sleep is the rarest of luxuries. But sleep is not only essential to our physical health and mental clarity--it’s crucial to maintaining our youth and beauty.

Consider that we spend nearly 1/3rd of our lives in bed! So make sure you are investing in your rest and self-care by choosing the finest quality 100% silk pillowcases from Blissy. You deserve it.

And don’t forget the holidays are right around the corner—Blissy makes the best silk pillowcase gift! 😉

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