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How to Create a Relaxing Room for When You Need to Escape It All
How to Create a Relaxing Room for When You Need to Escape It All

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Key takeaways:

  • Clean and organize your bedroom to reduce clutter and stress.

  • Use soothing paint colors and window treatments to create a relaxing mood.

  • Invest in comfortable, high-quality furniture like a sturdy bed frame and mattress.

  • Add luxury bedding like Blissy Silk Pillowcases and linen sheets for ultimate comfort.


Had a long day? Sounds like you need a relaxing room to rest.

Your primary bedroom should be a place where you can go to relax and forget about daily stressors. Let your bedroom be an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Upgrading your bedroom to an inviting place to relax and recharge is a fabulous way to practice self-care.

woman stretching in relaxing room

Soothing Your Nerves

What is the function of the primary bedroom? This is our most personal space in the house. For most people, it's where we spend each night. We need a relaxing bedroom because this is where we spend a third of our lives!

Forget expensive interior designers, let's take advantage of the knowledge in our toolbox to create our own corner of tranquil relaxation. We have calming bedroom ideas that will have you at peace in no time.

Calming bedroom ideas to ensure the best sleep possible

The key to achieving the perfect relaxing bedroom is making sure we have the mood of relaxation in mind. You should feel a sense of calm and peace like you might at a spa.

woman listening to music in bed

Relaxing Bedroom, Relaxed Mind

A room full of clutter means a mind full of clutter—the opposite of relaxing!
Clean the entire room!

The first step is to create a clean space

A messy room will only add to your stress levels. So don't wait, tidy that room! If an object no longer makes you feel joyful, it can be tossed, given away, or donated. Don't be afraid to cancel that clutter!

Zen for your bedroom space

Go through your entire bedroom. Let's get a fresh start by making your bedroom feel light and spacious.

Ready for our next calming bedroom ideas?

woman with puppy dog

Elements of Comfort: Walls and Windows

The color of your walls and window treatments can have a big impact on the mood of your room. You don't want bright white walls which will disturb sleep by reflecting the morning light too harshly. Neutral tones such as beige and off-white walls are better options to add a little warmth.

Paint changes everything!

Light, soft colors tend to be more soothing while dark walls feel grounding. Certain shades add warmth while others have cooling effects.

Afraid to do it yourself? Consider hiring the services of a professional painting company to help you. You'll be surprised at how different your own bedroom will look once it's painted.

warm beige walls

Welcoming the natural light of the morning

We like thick fabric curtains that have the same effect as blackout shades. Curtains are nice because they also give easy access to natural light in the morning.

Good curtains are worth the investment

Good curtains will save you money on the heating bill in the winter since they'll keep your bedroom well insulated. Off-white, taupe, and neutral tones are also great colors for curtains. They suit any season and make your space feel luxurious.

woman opening thick curtains

Bedroom Furniture for a Relaxing Space

Investing in some comfortable furniture is also key to creating a relaxing space. You'll want to find pieces that you love and that invite you to relax. How about a recliner or chaise lounge for ultimate comfort? Yes, please.

Relaxing bedroom furniture essentials

A sturdy bed frame and headboard. We prefer a raised platform bed frame that will make your bedroom space feel as if you were at a 5-star hotel.

  • A high quality mattress—this is the most important part!
  • Side table for all the things you might need at night: a good book, a place to put your glasses, and maybe a snack.
  • A comfortable chair to spend curled up with a book. Place a throw blanket on the back of an arm chair for easy access!
  • A cozy rug that complements the color of your walls
  • A good lamp that has warm lighting options as well as cool

calming bedroom ideas

The most important bedroom furniture is your bed

Your bed should be the focal point of your room, everything else should work around it. After all it's the star of the room!

Throw blankets and throw pillows are an easy way to add a little warmth and coziness to your bed. They also provide additional visual interest to your bedding setup. A soft cozy blanket after a long day—now that's heaven.

Silk pillows and bed linens that invite you to sleep

While decorating is fun, don't forget your pillows and sheets. This is the most important part!

silk pillowcases and sheeets

We're big fans of silk pillowcases for both hair and skin purposes, but they're also great for your actual pillow. If you don't want to replace all of your current pillowcases, try using a silk pillowcase just for your sleep pillow. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes!

For the ultimate spa aromatherapy feeling, use Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mist. You'll be transported to a world of relaxation.

If you're looking for an upgrade in the sheets department, linen is a great material. Linen and silk are great for people with sensitive skin, it's hypoallergenic and won't irritate. Plus, it's insanely soft and gets better with age.

couple in relaxing room

Your Relaxing Room Awaits!

Creating a relaxing room doesn't have to be difficult. With a few simple changes, you can transform your space into a haven for relaxation. Get ready to escape everyday life and relax in your own personal oasis.

If you're all set in your primary bedroom and ready to move on to the guest room, here are some more decorating tips!

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