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Comfy Style: Travel Outfits to Increase Your Sanity This Holiday Season
Comfy Style: Travel Outfits to Increase Your Sanity This Holiday Season

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Flying during the hectic holiday season can be quite an intense experience, to say the least. From crowded planes to crying babies, it can be hard to keep your cool. But that doesn't mean you can't look cool while doing it. Keep calm and carry on with the help of a super comfortable, chic outfit that you can actually feel good about wearing in public.

Ladies, it's true: when it comes to looking chic and feeling comfortable, we can finally have it all. Being comfortable doesn't mean sacrificing style if we're prepared with the right outfit and accessories for traveling.

Comfy Clothes Are a Travel Must Have This Holiday Season...

When it comes to boarding and getting situated on a crowded plane, we need comfortable outfits (lest we be caught on @passengershaming throwing a fit because we've finally just snapped from the stress of holiday travel).

Comfortable outfits suitable for drastic temperature changes and staying seated for long periods are an absolute must. When traveling, our clothes and accessories need to be functional and allow us to move around freely and easily. But a comfortable outfit does not mean you need to sacrifice style.

So, how to strike the perfect balance?

We've prepared a list of ideas for what you need to get to your destination this winter feeling stylish and cozy. Get ready to feel effortlessly stylish and flaunt your fashion with these comfy outfit ideas.

Item No. 1 | The "Fit" | Oversized Sweatsuit for an Effortlessly Stylish Vibe

There is something about matching neutral tones that says "high fashion" without having to say it. This fit is super popular with fashion influencers and celebrities who prove that casual loungewear can be elegant and chic.

This is one of the most comfortable outfits you can wear, making it perfect for travel. Elevate the sweatsuit look from at-home-on-the-couch to airport-chic by choosing khaki tones like taupe, brown, beige, ivory or olive (choose a tone that contrasts with your complexion.) Other colors may look drab or overly casual, so leave those in your luggage to lounge around at your hotel.

What about hair?

Let's talk hair accessories. Yes, just because you're flying doesn't mean you get to forget about your hair. But it does mean that hair can be as effortless as it looks.

To go with your monotone sweatsuit, Blissy's Oversized Scrunchie in Taupe is perf. Its size makes it cool and quirky and we love that the color matches the neutral vibe. Another cute surprise is that the scrunchie is oversized, just like the outfit, adding another layer of comfy yet elegant fashion to the elevated sweatsuit look.

Paying attention to the little details matter, like matching your scrunchie with your outfit or to your trainers, to really cinch your look. You won't feel dressed like a slob in a sweatsuit if you throw on the right accessories.

Joggers aren't your thing? Alternative choice: black leggings

If oversized sweatpants just aren't your thing or neutral tones wash you out, try athletic black leggings paired with an oversized black sweatshirt. Leggings are amazing since they are just as comfortable as sweats but give you a slimmer silhouette when paired with an oversized sweatshirt. Just remember that if you opt for wearing black leggings, choose some made with a thicker material or the type that you might wear to the gym.

Black is stylishly timeless and chic, so keep a couple of Blissy's Skinny Scrunchies in Black on your wrist too. Silk skinny scrunches are perfect when your vibe is low-key, but you want to keep your hair dent-free and silky smooth

The perks of comfy outfits

Whether you choose to wear sweats or leggings on the rest of your flight, you're sure to be comfortable. You'll have a higher chance of being able to nap if you're feeling cozy in a loose-fitting outfit. No lie, wearing pants with an elastic band makes it so staying seated for long hours is more bearable too.

Wearing a loose sweatsuit allows you to dress in easily removable layers. If you need extra warmth, you can have a pair of leggings on under your sweats. If you expect a drastic change in weather, pack these in your carry-on (or leave room for them to take off and stow when you get to your destination). Like if you're flying LA to NYC for the holidays for example.

Item No. 2 | The Outer Layer | Trench Coat or Oversized Denim Jacket

You'll want to choose a jacket keeping climate in mind—but also travelability (a fun third word we just made up). It's impractical to wear a heavy, bulky winter coat on a plane so you'll want to store that and have a lightweight, sturdy jacket on hand.

Denim seems a bit counterintuitive since you'd want to avoid wearing denim jeans on a long flight. But an oversized denim jacket makes a great outer layer that's easy to pull on and off (especially if you're opting for the sweatsuit).

For those unaccustomed to colder climates (talking to you Angelenos and Miamians), be aware that the longer a coat is, the more warmth it will provide. For this reason, long oversized trench coats make a great lightweight option for throwing over your entire travel outfit.

Pairing an oversized outfit with an ultra-feminine hair accessory like Blissy's Hair Ribbon in Champagne is perfect.

What makes this hair accessory great to travel with is its versatility. The hair ribbon can be used to tie your ponytail or be worn as a headband. Since it's made of 100% pure mulberry silk, this is a hair accessory that will pair nicely with your sweats on the plane and with that designer dress you'll be wearing to your family's holiday party.

Item No. 3 | The Shoes | Chunky Sneakers

Chunky white trainers are fashionable and pair well with most styles and clothing items. We all know that sneakers are super comfortable, it's not all style over substance. Wearing sneakers is a great choice for traveling since they'll also give your feet the proper support they need. Good sneakers mean better posture and less back pain.

Item No. 4 | Headgear | Baseball Cap and Mini Skinny Scrunchies

There's something about a baseball cap that signals you're doing your own thing and don't want to be bothered. It's an easy-to-wear wardrobe accessory that can also be worn to hide greasy hair. (Because who can be bothered to do a full wash cycle before catching that 5am flight?)

If you like your hair pulled back into a pony, be sure to have one of Blissy's Mini Skinny Scrunchies on hand (available in the 9-Piece Scrunchie Set). If you care about not ruining your hair, you'll want to avoid elastic hair ties at all costs (especially if you have a curly hairstyle). Silk mini scrunchies are the best similar alternative.

Item No. 5 | The Holiday Party Outfit | Comfy Polished Sweater Dress

to a holiday event straight from the airport? Here's an outfit formula that's equal parts comfy style and you can wear the entire look straight to a holiday party. Feel comfortable and cozy on your flight in a stylish sweater dress (like this lovely green one in the inspiration photo). Layer this over a pair of trendy sheer fleece leggings.

The great thing about these types of leggings is that they look like classic sheer tights, but they're actually warm, comfy stretchy pants! Relaxed and casual meets fashionable and sophisticated (and no one has to know!)

Tie the whole festive look together with low-heeled ankle boots that are easy to slip on and off for a seamless, low-stress TSA experience. Style with an oversized silk scrunchie in a neutral color. Include a stylish clutch in your carryon to achieve this final look.

If your sweater dress is oversized, you may also want to include a waist belt to throw on when you land to complete the look. You'll be cute and holiday party-ready right off the plane with this polished look.

Relax in Comfy Style

Wearing an oversized, relaxed outfit will allow you to travel comfortably and arrive at your location looking and feeling fantastic. Sportswear isn't just for the gym anymore. You'll feel so comfortable and sporty that you'll be wearing this outfit to run errands, shop, or grab a coffee.

If you're traveling, be sure to grab Blissy's 9-Piece Scrunchie Set which

includes their amazing 100% mulberry silk scrunchies in 3 sizes. This set includes scrunchies in Black, White, Pink, and Tie-Dye so you'll always have a scrunchie in the size and color you need. It comes in slim, sturdy packaging, making it perfect to throw in your travel bag.

Happy Travels! Stay comfy!

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