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Blissy vs Tafts Silk Pillowcase: Which Is Best for Hair, Skin, and Sleep?  
Blissy vs Tafts Silk Pillowcase: Which Is Best for Hair, Skin, and Sleep?  

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When you're tired of seeing frizzy hair, hair breakage and breakouts from debris and residue on your cotton pillowcases, it's time to look into using silk pillowcases to calm your skin and your mind. 

The only problem is that once you start looking at all the pillowcases out there, it can be very hard to choose between them. At Blissy, we want to make it simple to know why our pillowcases are so excellent and why they are the right choice to give you sweeter dreams.

To help you choose between Blissy and Tafts, another silk pillowcase company, we've put together this comparative Blissy vs Tafts silk pillowcase review.

Blissy vs. Tafts Silk Pillowcase: What Are the Differences?

There are several significant differences between Tafts silk pillowcases and Blissy silk pillowcases. We put the two in a head-to-head competition to see which would be the best silk pillow case overall when looking at various factors. Let's take a look at this comprehensive comparison.

tafts silk pillowcase review

Price: Let Us Address the Elephant in the Room

Why is Tafts so much cheaper than Blissy?

For a 22-momme zippered closure queen pillowcase, Tafts charges $39.99 while Blissy charges $74.96. You might notice a slight difference in price here. But let us remind you of the famous phrase "let the buyer beware." 

When two seemingly similar products are have drastically different price points, there's usually a good reason.

price vs value blissy vs tafts

We're sure you've experienced this with other products before. The dish soap that's half the price but...you go through it twice as fast because you need twice as much on your sponge to get the same effect. Or that dress from the fast fashion shop that seems just as cute as the pricier option...then disintegrates after two washes.

Tafts does not allow you to try their pillowcase before you buy it. If you take it out of the package, you will not be able to return it. The reason? We're not sure.

But at Blissy, we're so sure you're going to love our product that we let you try it for a full 60 daysthat's 2 whole months, folksbefore you commit to buying it.

Factor in customer reviews

Let us also point out that Blissy has over 90,000 5-star reviews from verified reviewers. How many 5-star reviews does Tafts have for their pillowcase5. Not 50, not 5,000, but 5. 

So if you want to know which pillowcase you should buy, don't listen to us. Listen to our tens of thousands positive customer reviews.

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Also consider media buzz

Blissy has also received tons of press attention from Good Housekeeping, Oprah’s O Magazine, Allure, Glamour, Pop Sugar, Byrdie, SheKnows, Prevention, and PureWOW. 

When comparison shopping for a pure mulberry silk pillowcase—we recommend listening to the experts rather than taking a chance on a cheaper product that offers no guarantee on their product.

Award-Winning Results: Blissy Scores Big

Aside from listening to our customers and other online attention, you can also listen to the professionals who have thoroughly tested our products and determined they are the best on the market, offering the best beauty benefits and better durability.

blissy is award-winning

Blissy has won several awards for its products, including the Good Housekeeping Award for Best Bedding and the Good Housekeeping Award for Best Tested Products. Add to that a third win of the Modern Riviera Best Beauty Sleep Award, and Blissy knocks out the competition 3 to 0.

OEKO-TEX Certifications? Both Companies Carry This Important Safety Label

When you look at silk pillowcases, you always want to find those that are OEKO-TEX Certified no matter which brand you choose. Both Blissy and Tafts have this safety label, so you can be sure you're not resting your hair and skin on harsh or toxic chemicals at night. 

Both pillowcases are also labeled as hypoallergenic, so if you have a tendency to break out, they could help you stop irritation—and that's a big win for your skin.

One important thing to note about Blissy is that all our products, whether you buy a queen pillowcase or a toddler pillowcase, have earned a Product class 1 OEKO-TEX label. This is the strictest standard OEKO-TEX has and is safe enough for even babies to use.

Tafts does not publish which product class label they've earned from OEKO-TEX.  

The Materials: It's a Tie

The best silk pillowcases have a momme weight of 22. If you're unfamiliar with momme-weight, you can think of it sort of like thread count for cotton pillowcases. 

grade a mulberry silk

The best pillowcases will also be made from grade 6a long fiber 100% pure mulberry silk.

Both Blissy and Tafts silk pillowcases are made from grade 6a long fiber 100% pure mulberry silk. With this material, you can rest easy knowing you're sleeping on a high-grade product. 

A high quality pure mulberry silk pillowcase conveys the best benefits for hair and skin and have natural anti-aging properties. This silk material is also silky smooth, ultra sleek, and super soft to the touch. A perfect option for sensitive skin or anyone who enjoys the feels of a soft mulberry silk pillowcase.

Is higher momme-weight better?

All of Blissy's pillowcases are 22-momme. Tafts has 22-momme pillowcases too, but also sells 27-momme silk pillowcases as well. Is a higher momme weight always better? 

The answer is actually no—the best silk pillowcase will be made of 22-momme silk. A higher momme-weight contains more silk. But this is more ideal for home goods such as curtains and rugs. 

A momme-weight higher than 22 for a pillowcase can feel stiff and uncomfortable to lay on. A silk case made of a lower momme weight such as 19-momme can feel flimsy and your hair won't glide freely on it. It also won't be as durable.

Color Scheme In Mind? Choose Blissy

There is nothing worse than spending money on something you're not finding visually appealing. At Blissy, we have 50 colors to choose from. Tafts, on the other hand, only has 11 to 24, and many of them are neutrals like beige, gray, or white. 

blissy colors

If you're looking to add color to your room while still getting the benefits of a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, Blissy is the better choice.

Multiple Pillow Sizes? Get the Right Fit with Blissy

Pillowcases have to fit correctly to stay on the pillow and avoid slipping away into the night. Blissy offers many sizes including:

  • Toddler
  • Youth
  • Standard
  • Queen
  • King

On the other hand, Tafts offers:

  • Standard
  • Queen
  • King

Why a silk pillowcase is important for kids

If you're looking for hypoallergenic pillowcases for your little ones which are safer for sensitive skin and repel dust mites, you won't have luck at Tafts. 

Blissy, on the other hand, has our Blissy Junior line for kids. We include fun colors and designs kids love and you can rest assured that your child is sleeping on a great silk pillowcase.

Time to Give Your Pillowcase a Deep Clean? Toss It In the Wash

Think a cotton pillowcase is the only type of pillowcase that's easy to care for? Think again!

Both Blissy's and Tafts' pillowcases can go in the washer on the gentle cycle (or delicate cycle), allowing you to clean your silks quickly and easily. Just be sure to use a mild detergent. 

Blissy offers our own luxury delicate silk detergent, Blissy Wash. It's especially designed to safely wash silk fabric while keeping its natural sheen and luster for many years to come.

Try Before You Buy: Blissy Takes the Win

We get it—buying silk can be expensive. That's why at Blissy, there is a 60-day moneyback guarantee. Those 60 nights give you the time you need to see real improvements in your hair, skin, and sleep.

Don't like it? You can return your order in the mail and get a full refund.

tafts silk pillowcase reviews

Tafts offers a complicated returns process and no guarantee

What about Tafts? Don't take it out of the packaging unless you want to keep it. All returns have to be in original sale condition and in the original packaging. No, you can't try Tafts before you buy.

You'll need to get a Return Authorization, or RMA, before you can return your pillowcase. They may charge a restocking fee for so-called "buyer's remorse," too, which would make anyone upset.

Tafts also limits how long you have to return the product to them, giving you only 30 days to make a return along with a number of other stipulations that make the returns process complex and tedious for consumers.

You Want a Silk Pillowcase, So...How Soon Can You Get It?

If you're hoping for fast and free delivery, Blissy lives to serve. Whether you want to try out a single silk eye mask or silk pillowcases for the whole family, Blissy provides completely free same or next-day shipping.

blissy pillowcase box

With Tafts, you won't know how much shipping is until you go through checkout, which means that you could end up adding a significant amount more to your bill. Tafts offers free standard shipping only after you spend $75.

Blissy vs Tafts Silk Pillowcase Review: Blissy Is the Better Bet

With high quality standards, a trial period with a long return window, rave reviews, and the largest color and size selection, Blissy pillowcases are an excellent option for anyone looking for a silk pillowcase. 

Compared head-to-head with the competition, Blissy's award-winning product takes the lead and is the clear choice for a comfortable night and frizz-free morning.




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