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8 Unique Gift Ideas for College Girls This Summer  
8 Unique Gift Ideas for College Girls This Summer  

Reasons Why Your College Student Deserves a Gift This Summer

She just graduated high school

A high school diploma is the first huge adult step for many young women. It is the time in their life when maturity begins to blossom.

The best gifts for college girls show that the people in her life understand she is growing up.

girl graduating high school

She earned good grades

Landing a bunch of A's on your report card is not an easy job. It takes a lot of self-care: finding sleep quality, healthy meals, and still finding time for a fair amount of fun.

The best gifts for college girls are ones that show you appreciate her uniqueness and support her dreams.

It's her birthday!

Birthdays are special, no matter how many you have. It's a day we can show our best college students that we are grateful they exist and value them as people.

Birthday gift ideas for college girls don't have to be super expensive to be a thoughtful gift.

Commemorate a special occasion

College students will sometimes have special days that are just for them. It can be an awards ceremony, performance, or a sports championship with their college friends.

Those days need as much recognition as any other special occasion. Give your college student a great gift to commemorate the special occasion.

birthday girl blowing out candles

She just graduated college

Your recent college graduate has gone to their last early morning class and said goodbye to their college campus and dorm room,.

The college kids are no longer kids—they're full-fledged adults about to make their mark on the world! This can make coming up with a great gift ideas for college girls a little more challenging. But the best gifts for college girls who are graduating is just about anything special.

Just because

Being away from home isn't easy for anyone. Getting a care package in the mail 'just because' means everything.

The added stress on many college students of getting good grades and not getting enough sleep only means that sending personalized gifts means that much more.

young adult woman hugging her grandma

Make visiting for the summer more inviting

Nothing says summer like mind-numbing heat. But we want to make sure our college girls are comfortable when they come for a visit home.

The best gifts for college girls come when she least expects them. A spur of the moment gift for college students can be a practical item or a super cute summer must-have.

Moving day

Whether it's a dorm room or a college apartment, many young people move into their own space. Even though they may not have much space and are probably sharing with roommates, consider this a significant step for your her when thinking about gift ideas for college girls. 

She may be taking on the extra cost of moving and furnishing a new place (or maybe mom and dad are helping). Either way, it's nice to give a housewarming gift to college girls who are moving.  

young woman on moving day

College is hard, so give the best gifts for college girls 

Now you have some ideas for when might be an appropriate time to give a gift. But what to give? We've put together a list of 8 unique gifts for college girls that will help busy college students look and feel their best. 

8 Unique Gift Ideas for College Girls This Summer

1. Blissy Scrunchies in vibrant Hibiscus

woman putting up hair in hibiscus pink silk scrunchie

The best gifts for college girls are sometimes inexpensive gift

College girls are always on the move—tying their hair into a pony is just the way of life. Therefore, scrunchies make very useful gifts for college girls! 

Help her change out that boring elastic hair ties she wears around her wrist for 100% Mulberry Silk Blissy Scrunchies.

If hibiscus is not her color, Blissy's 100% 22-momme, grade 6A mulberry silk scrunchies come in 22 colors! Take your pick. 

2. Blissy Marilyn Monroe™ Sleep Mask  

the best gifts for college girls

College girls don't have very much time for beauty sleep. But you can give them a fighting chance with this perfect gift idea.

With the embroidered motto 'I'm Dreaming the Hardest,' Blissy's Marilyn Monroe™ Silk Sleep Mask is a fun way to show college students how proud you are.

The Blissy Sleep Mask is handmade, crafted from pure mulberry silk. It's gentle on skin, making it perfect for almost every college girl.

3. Blissy Skinny Scrunchies in bright Sunshine Yellow

great gift ideas for college girls

Gift guides with inexpensive gift ideas are not always easy to come by. But, finding great gift ideas for college girls shouldn't be complicated, either.

The Sunshine Yellow Skinny Scrunchies will brighten up college girls' day and are a perfect way to show them appreciation. They come in a pack of 3, so she can even share one with her best friend. 

Blissy Skinny Scrunchies are made with 100% pure mulberry silk and protect hair from damage. She can wear these no-tug scrunchies to help hold her hair comfortably out of her face during an intensive study session.

4. Blissy Pillowcase in pretty Pink Tie-Dye

silk pillowcases are the best gifts for college girls

Once your college girl finds her bed at the end of the day, it should be as comfortable as possible. And silk pillowcases are the ultimate in sleep comfort.

You can show your college student how cool you think she is with a 100% silk Blissy Pink Tie-Dye Pillowcase. Experts have specifically designed them to address hair and skin worries and improve all-around sleep health. It's so beautiful and shiny--it really makes one of the best gifts for college girls! 

If your college girl isn't into pink, Blissy offers 35 different color choices! 

5. Blissy's Rose Gold Collection

woman enjoying blissy rose gold collection

A college student lives a lifestyle that leaves little room for self-care. But help them prepare for the upcoming semester in style. 

Crafted from high-quality 22-momme 100% pure mulberry silk, the items in Blissy's Rose Gold Collection is ultra-luxurious and screams chic. Any of the items in the collection would be a perfect addition to a college girls' dorm rooms.

The Rose Gold Collection includes 100% silk pillowcases for any fit, sleep masks, scrunchies, and a beauty band and should be included in any gift guide for gift ideas for college girls.

6. Blissy Tie-Dye Dream Set

gift ideas for college girls

Most students struggle to get enough sleep and save their dreaming for daytime. So give her a cute sleep mask to wear. It will help keep the light shining from her roommate's desk lamp out of her eyes when she's trying to sleep. 

You can help her catch much-needed zzz's by sending a soft Blissy Tie-Dye Dream Set crafted with pure silk. 

Buying the Dream Set is the best deal on the site. It includes one standard pillowcase, one sleep mask, one standard scrunchie, and one skinny scrunchie--all made of 100% mulberry silk.

7. Sleep Mask in mysterious Rose Black Marble

best gifts for college girls

Gift ideas for college girls should be thoughtful, cute, and maybe a little practical.

The summer months are when college campuses go quiet, and the weather gets blistering hot. Blissy's Rose Black Marble Sleep Masks provide silky comfort and relief from the summer scorch. We think that's pretty cool. 

Maybe she'll be inspired to visit you--it comes with Blissy silk carrying case for traveling.

8. Classic Robe in feminine Pink

pink silk robe

Top gifts for young adults should reflect their maturity and makes them feel special.

A Blissy Classic Pink Robe is a modest but glamourous silk robe that features 32-momme 100% mulberry silk on the inside and outside. The classic design is cute and super popular with college girls. It's a useful gift too, as she can use it to walk to the shared dorm bathroom with her portable shower caddy in style. 

The Classic Pink Robe comes in one perfect size (XS-L), and the pure silk makes it luxurious to wear. She can cozy up in it in the evening while enjoying a warm drink. This item is one of the best gifts for college girls we can think of! 

Did You Find a Great Gift Idea for College Students? 

We know she's going to absolutely love one of the gift ideas for college girls in this list. But we have tons more colors, styles, and sizes on our website, so feel free to browse. So don't hesitate to make your college girl feel extra special. She'll be the envy of her dorm with these great gift ideas for college girls from Blissy! 

8 Unique Gift Ideas for College Girls This Summer  

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